DISC Flow®

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Emotional Intelligence

DISC Flow® goes beyond where the traditional DISC model ends by introducing the power of Emotional Intelligence

Organisational Culture

Every company has a culture! The question is, is it the culture that you want?

Employee Engagement

When people are understood and engaged, the organisations they work for thrive.

We help organisations solve their people problems!

When people are understood and engaged, the organisations they work for thrive.

It benefits individuals to understand how they work best, managers to understand the impact they have on each person in the team, and colleagues to understand how to communicate more effectively and build better and stronger relationships.

This is where DISC steps in!

DISC is a powerful model of describing human behaviour to help unlock the answers to “why people behave the way they do” and has been helping individuals, teams and organisations to connect better for over 30 years.

Introducing you to DISC Flow®

DISC Flow® goes beyond where the traditional DISC model ends and by introducing the power of Emotional Intelligence, answers the question “how do I take this knowledge and apply it in the real world”?

Emotional intelligence describes a way of recognising, understanding, and controlling how we think, feel and act so that these emotions work with us, and not against us..

It defines how and what we learn; it shapes our understanding of ourselves and determines the majority of our daily actions and interactions with others.

By combining behaviour and emotional intelligence we have created a tool that is designed to help people have greater awareness of themselves and others, and crucially, make deliberate choices when interacting to improve communication and create stronger, more engaged and more productive relationships.

And the great thing about applying the DISC Flow® model is that while some people have high levels of emotional intelligence as a natural talent, for those that don’t, these skills can be learned and continually improved.

DISC Flow® is truly unique – more actionable, more focused, more user friendly, and altogether more powerful.

What our clients are saying...

Thank you again for the DiSC Flow training, I really enjoyed it and I
'LOVE' DiSC. I have used it in a one on one coaching session last
weekend and I used some of the elements and exercises from our training and it went really well.


The trainers had excellent facilitation skills and solid knowledge of DISC. They also did a good job in facilitating the brainstorming of practical exercises and help us review obstacles we might face in implementing DISC into our work.


Thank you for an informative and fun training session. I really appreciated your transparency and generosity with facilitation and application tips. I think it makes it easier and more likely that I'll try using the instrument in different contexts.


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