The (D)ominance Personality Style, Explained

D-styles are typically the most forceful and assertive of the four DISC styles. They tend to be direct and straightforward when expressing their opinions and have a tendency to seek authority and control over a situation. D-styles are competitive and results oriented, they prefer to move fast, take risks and get things done. The D-styles love a challenge and are motivated by projects that produce quick and tangible results. You could say that the D-style’s motto is “I did it my way”!

How D-Styles work with others

The D-style often communicates in one direction, they talk and expect others to listen. At times they may express their opinion as fact, dismissing any further debate! They can be blunt and will often challenge what is being said if they disagree. D-styles can be impatient listeners and have a tendency to interrupt if they feel a discussion is going off track. Their favourite question is “what”, as in… “what’s the bottom line?” or … “what’s in it for me?”

How D-Styles make decisions

D-styles enjoy having the freedom to make decisions for themselves, and tend to make them quickly, even if sometimes this might lead to errors. However, they tend not to dwell over their mistakes, and quickly move on by keeping the big picture in sight.

How D-Styles act under pressure

When working under pressure, the D-Style can become intensely focused on the task at hand and overlook how their actions and behaviours might affect others. At times they may express their displeasure too easily, especially in the presence of unproductive people, and as a result, people may perceive the D-style as being overly assertive and impatient.

How D-Styles succeed

D-Styles have a strong desire to win, they are decisive… resourceful and maintain focus on the end result. They focus on the ultimate prize, are quick to assess a situation and willing to take risks. The D-style generates momentum, and keeps others moving forward to ensure a successful result.

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